Women and UFC

Imagine a Saturday night like every other Saturday night walking to the neighbourhood sports bar with your best friend for a pitcher of cold beer and some hot bbq wings. Now fast-forward about an hour or so and all you see around you is half drunk men filled with excitement and screaming and shouting at the massive tv screens showing their favourite pay-per-view sports event, UFC; and you’re the only two women insight.

Congratulations, you are a woman UFC fan. You are a myth, a gift from god to all men and a new breed of women who are not forced by their significant others to attend this event. My best friend and I are part of this small group of avid UFC fans. We have been lucky enough to attend a couple of these exciting fights in person and most guys who find out about this are both shocked and amused.

Personally I’m not sure why this is such a big deal but after talking with so many other UFC fans we realized how odd we are, and that’s in a good way. Hahaha
I remembered befriending a group of guys in Las Vegas when we went to watch UFC 94 GSP vs Penn. They were amazed at how two young girls went online found tickets, found a great deal for a 5 star hotel package during UFC/Superbowl weekend, just to come and watch their favourite fighter. They weren’t the only ones and they would not be the only ones either. This is how we usually explain why we attend these events in person:

– we need a vacation
– There’s this great outlet mall or amazing shopping centre close by
– We found an amazing flight and hotel deal
– And be honest UFC fighters can be damn ugly and “mashed up” in the face but they have amazing bodies and they’re wearing pretty much next to nothing. (Sounds awful, but we all know we’re not dating or married to Greek gods with amazing abs)

That’s the girl in us answering people’s questions, but there’s so much more to it. We actually take the time to research every fighter for each event and their backgrounds. We can argue about fighters’ skills, training and fighting tricks like any other guy, if not we’re even more informed about it than they are. (Yeah, I said it! We know more than most of you boys out there!)…

The only bad thing about being a woman and being a fan of UFC is being stereotyped as one of those women who wear the most inappropriate outfits to either the actual events or to the sports bars showing them. We’re talking skanky low cut rags made out of polyester and showing off trashy tattoos that starts from the toes and swirls around the legs and to the never ever wanna know about land. DISGUSTING!

So I guess this post is a message to say we are out there and respect us women fans and to make a plea to those newly converted women, who want to join us, please remember you’re still a woman. Be ladylike and wear appropriate attire, Tshirts and jeans are still trendy!


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