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Choosing a good nights sleep over sex??

According to the new sleep study the Westin hotel chains conducted, people choose to have a good nights sleep than having sex, except in Canada!! The survey showed out of 10 countries, nine choose to sleep than have hot passionate sex. Funny part about the results are that most of the people who chose to sleep are men and not women. I can see this happening, the guys think they’re on vacation so they get to sleep a lot and bum around and the women think oh we are on vacation, a new place to have sex and spice up the relationship. Another funny result was about how Canadians are the only people from the survey that still prefer a night of seductive love-making over sleep! That just warms my heart and makes me happy. imagine we’re living in one of the coldest countries and we’re still warm at heart and all gung-ho about jumping in the sack for some loving. if you like to read the survey results click here!

Enough with Jon and Kate…..

For the love of god, I had enough about these two losers who happen to drop a whole sack load of kids! I’m sorry, they’re all cute and all, except the older twins, but COME ON!!! I think all those kids are going to be super messed up with emotional mommy and daddy issues when they hit puberty. Say whatever you wanna say, I can see it now in 10-15 yrs all these little kids gonna grow up and google their parents and read up on all the stuff they said about each other and be all sad and miserable. I understand that drama causes popularity in tv world, but can we spare the kids and the rest of the world from some headache? Do we REALLY need to get breaking news updates on CNN about these people? Makes me angry……. Here’s my advice…. TLC, drop them! Sorry you just being super greedy and you know it. There are plenty of good shows on TLC and you don’t need the Gosselin family. Kate, please get …

Aids and Hitler in the same category?

I was reading an article about the new AIDS prevention ad that was just released in Germany today. The message of this ad is very clear to the point that they went as far as comparing the most hated figure in the German history if not the world to AIDS. The ad might come across a little raunchy but I think Europeans are a bit more open when it comes to sex and sex related issues, so it seems to be just very straight forward in my eyes. You have unprotected sense with a strange person you might as well get it on with a mass murderer. I think AIDS have been around for such a long time that it does not need sugarcoating anymore. The more clear the message is the better it would be understood. I happen to dig a little deeper and found some interesting reactions to the video, some really hated and other thought it’s just another ad that falls on dead ears. I personally thought it was an interesting ad. …