Aids and Hitler in the same category?

I was reading an article about the new AIDS prevention ad that was just released in Germany today. The message of this ad is very clear to the point that they went as far as comparing the most hated figure in the German history if not the world to AIDS.
The ad might come across a little raunchy but I think Europeans are a bit more open when it comes to sex and sex related issues, so it seems to be just very straight forward in my eyes. You have unprotected sense with a strange person you might as well get it on with a mass murderer. I think AIDS have been around for such a long time that it does not need sugarcoating anymore. The more clear the message is the better it would be understood.

I happen to dig a little deeper and found some interesting reactions to the video, some really hated and other thought it’s just another ad that falls on dead ears. I personally thought it was an interesting ad. I’ve seen plenty of AIDS prevention ads and after awhile they all look the same. I’m not saying they’re not working or anything like that, I just think the topic still needs the attention it needs to reach more people. Make it more interesting and people would be paying attention not just flip the channel and move on.

That’s my 2 cents about this ad. I managed to find the ad online so I’m goign to post a link for the video here. So if you are UNDER 18, EASILY EMBARRASSED BY SEXUAL IMAGES AND NUDITY AND ALL THAT DO NOT WATCH IT. I don’t need to get messages from angry mothers, bloggers and what not about this, consider yourselves warned!

Aids and Hitler video


2 thoughts on “Aids and Hitler in the same category?

  1. :)i saw this ad… was all over the news here….with Hitler, Sadam hussain and others on the ads…..but there have been whole lot of controversies after this ad released……don't know if it was right or wrong…but it was good…….\,,,/


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