Enough with Jon and Kate…..

For the love of god, I had enough about these two losers who happen to drop a whole sack load of kids! I’m sorry, they’re all cute and all, except the older twins, but COME ON!!!

I think all those kids are going to be super messed up with emotional mommy and daddy issues when they hit puberty. Say whatever you wanna say, I can see it now in 10-15 yrs all these little kids gonna grow up and google their parents and read up on all the stuff they said about each other and be all sad and miserable.

I understand that drama causes popularity in tv world, but can we spare the kids and the rest of the world from some headache? Do we REALLY need to get breaking news updates on CNN about these people? Makes me angry…….

Here’s my advice….

TLC, drop them! Sorry you just being super greedy and you know it. There are plenty of good shows on TLC and you don’t need the Gosselin family.

Kate, please get a new hair cut that doesn’t cover half your face like Boy George circa 1992! You have a pretty face don’t cover it. You had your 15 mins of fame, write another book and live off of that with your kids.

Jon, act your frigging age. Where a pair of pants, be a man and stop frigging whining on every channel and to every show who would have you on! Lose some wait. you use to be better looking apparently. Date someone your own age not some dumb 21 yr old chick!

To the 8 kids, shit happens, don’t blame your parents for being young and stupid. Happens to everyone. Learn from it and move on don’t let it hang over your heads!


ps. i use to have a picture for this post but as you can see I was singled out by some “ghetto” studio bc i was using their picture of the family. I actually visited this Willow Street Pictures and they had a horrible website. So forget you, I don’t want to use your stupid picture anyways!


One thought on “Enough with Jon and Kate…..

  1. Please note that we have not granted any use of this image to any media outlet other than TLC and Discovery Health for use on the Jon & Kate Show- which sadly took a wrong turn.

    Kindly remove the image from your website immediately as you are committing a copyright infringement.


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