And the winner is Miss Venezuela!!!

So Stefania Fernandez is the new Miss Universe! She’s only 18 yrs old, one would wonder where you would go after this and when all the excitement has passed after the first year.

I was gonna put a link up for Miss Venezuela to her profile on the Miss Universe website but interestingly she does not have a profile on their website, I wonder why.

During the show I wasn’t a fan of hers though, I was cheering for super HOT Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Amiee De La Cruz, and 21 yrs old Aussie, Rachael Finch. All my cheering did not help them though since neither one won the title.

De La Cruz


Now to the performances of the night…Flor rider was having the time of his life since he got to sing and dance between all the contestants and the performance was great. David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s performance was great if you had ignored Rowland’s horrible singing pitches and awful futuristic, unflattering dress.haha

Yes, I am mean but honest at the same time. I need to say what I thought of the first performer of the evening, Heidi Montag! I’m not quite sure who she had to sleep with to get this gig but I hope whoever she got the job from got fired after this major boo-boo!!!! She was trying to recreate the whole Britney Spears performance at 2000 MTV awards. Remember the one that where she ripped her baggy clothes off to reveal a nude-colored sparkly bikini.The only difference between the two performances is that Britney as much as I dislike her did not look as cheap as Heidi did!


 Ill fitting clothes and jumping around the stage pretending to be doing a dance was just the cherry on top of this mess of a performance. Another thing about the part of the show was the fact that she lip sang all through the song, and I called that before the show started!!! (read my pre-show post!) It was just awful, consider yourselves lucky if you missed her “performance”!

I remember when I was 10 or 12 and watching the Miss Universe or Miss World shows and i would be oooo and ahhhing all the way through the show because the women were breathtakingly beautiful and smart  and when they walked the stage they had presence. Unfortunately over the recent years we managed to idolize and pick roll models that are, well less than perfect. Remember the whole mess over Miss America being a coke head. Such things as stripping a Miss whatever of her title was almost unheard of!!!! I’m just happy they didn’t pick Miss Kosovo after she answered Dean Cane’s question ( Why do people still want to become famous even though they know they would lose their privacy) in the most moronic way possible “Everyone who’s famous likes to be famous in a famous way and they like it”….or something like that statement if that’s what you like to call it. I have nothing more to say about this…..Sigh….


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