Drooling Over Small Spaces

I’ve been hooked on a new TV show called “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces“. He has inspired me to look at small spaces with a fresh eye. I always loved an idea of converting a garage into a cute living space, a garden shed into a studio or a guest suite. It probably would be a challenging process but the result would be wonderful. I actually remember seeing an article about some Torontonians doing just that on Toronto Life and the spaces that were created were beautiful. Imagine how amazing it would be to convert a bare unworkable space and design a functioning living area out of it!

I’ve done some research and found out that there are many ways to have a high functioning small space. One of the companies that I came across was Nomad Micro Homes. They build tiny homes with different layouts to cater to different needs. Nomad home spaces work in multiple ways, a kitchen that is a staircase and a living room that becomes a guest bedroom and an awesome loft bedroom.

nomad micro homesThe concept is simple. It’s so simple that with a click of a few buttons anyone can buy a tiny home, or buy couple of tiny homes as suggested on their website and put them together for a slightly bigger space or a space to grown in to. All for less than $30,000! I’ll be honest, not everyone has a piece of land to put a tiny home in, but the idea is pretty awesome.

Here are some other options for making a small space become a functional living space.

  • Hive Haus in Lancashire is about designing furnitures that work with the spaces. Here’s how they store away their kitchen in Hive Haus to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Hive Haus Kitchen

  • Garage conversion by Shed Architecture: Perfect amount of space for a young professional, or a student!

garage-conversion shed arch

  • HB6B – One Home, Stockholm, Sweden by Karin Matz. Read her blog here about how she turned this 30 year old abandoned apartment into a beautiful space.

HB6B One home Karin Matz

Now, all there’s left to do is to find that blank space and let our imagination run wild.



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