Lil’ Bit Of Basil In Ma Life….

Basil Plant

When it comes to making food at home, I’ve been super lazy. I use to be inspired by random things during grocery shopping trips and rush home to cook. Lately, I barely go for grocery trips (Thanks mom!), so I might not as inspired to put a meal together. No matter how simple it could be.

The other day I happen to join my mom on a grocery trip and I saw a table full of these little basil pots and I had to buy one. Little I knew, this basil pot would be a start of a crazy run of rustic breakfasts and snacks. Give a hungry Persian girl some inspiration and she’ll run with it…. I’m going to call it, rustic Persian fusion!

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Why can’t TV writers check their facts!

I’m in the middle of watching an episode of CSI: Miami called “dishonor” and as a Persian woman I’m angry at the writer(s) for this episode. This episode involves a persian family whose daughter goes against the will of her father to go through an arranged marriage and finds herself a boyfriend whom she’s in love with. When she broke the news to her family, … Continue reading Why can’t TV writers check their facts!