2013 Lexus LS Launch Event

This post is sponsored by Northwest Lexus, supporting The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. To learn more click here. The content and opinions in this post is %100 by me and thank you Northwest Lexus for supporting LifebySAJE to share what we love with you.

On Tuesday I attended the launch event for 2013 Lexus LS held by Northwest Lexus in Rose Theatre, Brampton. Everyone from Lexus Canada CEO to the team at Northwest Lexus and loyal customers of Lexus were super excited to finally be able to get an up close look at Lexus’s flagship sedan. After couple of hours of mingling and eating we were officially introduced to the new redesigned addition to the Lexus lineup and boy it did not disappoint. Everyone was super impressed with the new look and of course functions of the Lexus LS.

It was like bees to the flame. People were lining up for a long time to be able to look inside the car. This sedan screams “executive” from every corner. Massive screen, lots of buttons both for the front and back passengers to have a fully comfortable and I might add entertaining drive with this car. (Yes, I am easily amused by the shiny buttons in cars)

This screen is bigger than my laptop!

The team from Northwest Lexus were super helpful answering everyone’s questions about the 2013 Lexus LS. It seemed like everyone wanted to know as much as possible about the LS and why they wouldn’t. It is a powerful (V6/V12) fully loaded sedan with all the comforts you can think of in a luxury sedan.

Click on the image to make it BIGGER!

Of course the event was a hit with all the party goers; live music by a cover band playing tribute to the Eagles, great food from 10tation and a super busy sushi bar which was a hit with everyone.

Now if I ONLY had the $83,000 to pursuit this perfection…..



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