Volkswagen Freedriving Tour 2012

It’s that time of the year again when Volkswagen Canada invites all VW fans to join them on a weekend of fun to celebrate and to test out the German engineering and design of their beloved cars. VW Freedriving Tour is every car lovers dream experience; closed course, lots of twists and turns and guidance of a professional instructor. I had an amazing time last year at the event and I had to go back and test out the 2012 lineup. This year’s event is even more special since it’s Volkswagen’s 60th year anniversary in Canada annnnnd I have waited for a year to get to drive the 2012 Beetle.

VW Freedriving Tour 2011

If you have heard about this event on Facebook and Twitter I recommend checking it out. VW Freedriving Tour is traveling across Canada all through the next month stopping at Halifax, Calgary and finishing off the tour in Vancouver to celebrate their 60th year in Canada. To sign up for the remaining tour dates check out the Freedriving Tour website and register.

After signing in at the front desk at the Toronto event I was given my own QR Code to collect points in each tent and headed inside to begin my tour of VW goodness. We were all greeted by a representative and walked through the different tents and learned more about the Volkswagen as a brand and their cars.

First thing was a little history lesson and picture with a super cute Beetle from 1952, restored to perfection this Beetle was found in Vancouver and is going to be showcased during the Freedriving Tour across Canada. Interesting fact about this Beetle model, it has a horse power of 25, comparing to the 2012 Beetle and horse power of 200….

From old to new…..

I really enjoyed the way the tents were placed according to the driving course, letting the visitors walk through and learn about the cars and get a chance to look at the cars up close before stepping out to the staging area of the course.

I was super excited to join the line and start burning some rubber!!!

My mom and I were both excited to give the 2012 Beetle a try (check out the video!). I found the car very comfortable and powerful. It had a good jump to it and by the end of my turn I wished the course had been longer so I could drive it for longer!!!

After testing out the cars, we walked through the last tent to quench our thirst with some freshly made smoothie a la “Think Blue” and play some interactive games to win VW & SiriusXM merchandise.

This section really hit a home run with some of the children, who wouldn’t want to make a smoothie with a bike!

At the end of the day, everyone who came to the event had a fantastic time and they all went home with VW knowledge, an experience that they would never forget and of course smoothies and goodies!!!

Thanks again to Volkswagen Canada and all the people who made this weekend possible and

HAPPY 60th!!!!



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