I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything in here. It’s been a crazy busy month and I’m just catching up to my schedule. To catch you all up here’s a quick run down of whats been happening!

– I’m going back to SCHOOL! Yes, after all these years it’s time to go back and be a student again. I’m both scared and excited for going back to the “student life”. Competing with younger kids and being so out of the loop…oooyyy!!!! I hope UofT is ready for me….

– I’m planning to join my relatives on a 10 day long road trip across a few European countries. I’m UBER excited for this trip even though I haven’t bought my ticket, booked any hotels or have made any other sorts of arrangements. The idea of being able to take a vacation with a few of my cousins is just very appealing to me. Here’s our very unofficial route through Europe. Do any of you have any suggestions for “must see” places that fall on or close to our route??


– Planning to attend a family wedding in Calgary right before the Calgary Stampede, which is pretty darn exciting! I have heard and seen a lot about the Stampede but have never attended one. Maybe this time I can arrange my travel plans so I can check it out.

Other than these few major travels I’m planning to follow whatever path and opportunity that knocks on my door and see where they take me!

Happy 2012, the year of opportunities and new beginnings!



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