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Working, Playing, Planning….

This week has been a mixture of work, school and planning my vacation to Europe. I’ve tried to stay on top of my blog posts so I can produce at least one post a week to keep you guys in the loop of what’s been happening and what I’ve been up to. First up, I WAS ON TV!!!!


I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything in here. It’s been a crazy busy month and I’m just catching up to my schedule. To catch you all up here’s a quick run down of whats been happening! – I’m going back to SCHOOL! Yes, after all these years it’s time to go back and be a student again. I’m both scared and excited for going back to the “student life”. Competing with younger kids and being so out of the loop…oooyyy!!!! I hope UofT is ready for me…. – I’m planning to join my relatives on a 10 day long road trip across a few European countries. I’m UBER excited for this trip even though I haven’t bought my ticket, booked any hotels or have made any other sorts of arrangements. The idea of being able to take a vacation with a few of my cousins is just very appealing to me. Here’s our very unofficial route through Europe. Do any of you have any suggestions for “must see” places that …