Crumpled City Maps

I saw these great Crumpled City Maps awhile ago on the Palomar website and even though I found them super cute and useful I decided not to buy them. The other day I found them for 50% off at a local bookstore and I had to have at least one!

They are AMAZING! Imagine all those times you were on vacation and you had to treat your map like gold every time you opened and closed it, just to make sure they last you till the end of your trip. Well, those careful days are over!! The Crumpled maps are meant to be used and abused. Printed on tyvek, they are supposed to last forever and they’re even waterproof. How cool is that?

Here’s a little video I made demonstrating how the map works! lol….yes, it’s my first time that I put a video together that involved some sort of editing. I love my Windows Live Movie Maker, but I need more practice with it since I’m going to make lots of great videos using my GoPro HD Hero camera. Baby steps….

Back to the map, here’s the video…

Since London is one my favorite cities in the world, I decided to look on my new map and find my favorite hotel, The Cavendish London. I miss being there so badly…. 😦

Designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso, Crumpled maps are available for many other cities. Here are some of the options…..How great are the packaging on these maps?

Happy discovering,



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