GoPro HD Hero 960 Camera

Thanks to and their great reward members deals, I just got myself the best toy ever…. sometimes you come across things that inspire you with infinite number ideas and you just can’t wait to get started playing with it. My new GoPro HD Hero camera is  one of those things. This little camera can capture HD videos and take pictures in different intervals while being mounted, hung, clasped, dunked and launched thanks to its many mounting options. Best thing about the GoPro hero, its waterproof!

I can’t wait to start working with my Hero and share my videos here on Life by Saje. Think of all the possibilities……

The clip on top of the clear housing is so hard to open, not only its tumble proof, its adult proof too!

Here are all the trimmings…. I bought myself a Suction Cup, this baby is gonna go on some scary places and it needs to stay secured!

My next GoPro accessory to buy for my camera is a LCD BacPac, it will allow me to actually see what I’m shooting. For now, this is perfect!


3 thoughts on “GoPro HD Hero 960 Camera

    1. I love using different cameras! It makes it so much more fun to come up with different ideas for the blog posts…
      As for rewards points, the best buy rewards doesnt quite work like that. You shop and collect points to get $$$…I just had shopped a lot from best buy this last yr so I had quite a few certificates from the rewards program and they offer members package deals as well. I just got lucky and bought my camera on the days they had a deal on the GoPros…


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