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GoPro HD Hero 960 Camera

Thanks to and their great reward members deals, I just got myself the best toy ever…. sometimes you come across things that inspire you with infinite number ideas and you just can’t wait to get started playing with it. My new GoPro HD Hero camera is  one of those things. This little camera can capture HD videos and take pictures in different intervals while being mounted, hung, clasped, dunked and launched thanks to its many mounting options. Best thing about the GoPro hero, its waterproof! I can’t wait to start working with my Hero and share my videos here on Life by Saje. Think of all the possibilities……

I Wonder If I Can make This….

This is the video for “Life Buoy” by The Pixels. The video is made out of a mixture of stop motion animation techniques by  Dragos Bardac. It’s such a cool video, love the colors and the storyline. I’m so inspired by Dragos’s work that I might attempt to make a REALLY short video using still pictures. It be awesome. Maybe it can be about shoes, or something fun like that. sa Synopsis: A modern-day knight slips into an imaginary where he is not welcome. He undergoes daring challenges to stay in the world where he is alone. This journey is a tribute to the tales of 1001 nights and to classic Romanian fairytales, but it all happens in a modern world, where the bicycle replaces the horse, a cardboard dog replaces the dragon, and some chairs stand in for the mountain, the place where the truth lies. Whether he finds the truth or not will determine the fate of the young knight: he will either go back to the real world, or he will live …

I’m A Super Hero!

I always knew I had super hero qualities but today I realized other people see it too! Thank you to DHL sketch artist at the LGFW. What do you think, I think I’m SUPER cute! haha If you’re at the fashion week this week get your super hero sketch done for free…it takes 5 mins and it’s fun! sa