Going On A Heist, A VW Art Heist

Remember few months back there was a VW Jetta GLI commercial that was made using both a motion and a long exposure stills camera?

Well, the good people at VW used the pictures from this innovative commercial and came up with a fun social experiment called the “VW Art Heist”. Lets just say some lucky “heisters” from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal got to take home some poorly secured limited edition prints home.

It’s so funny to watch this video and how people react to seeing frames of pictures just hanging randomly somewhere. I wasn’t one of the lucky few who just happened to bump into these prints, but I’m so glad to hear that this campaign has a second phase and it starts tomorrow, Thursday the 20th, till Sunday the 23rd!

Starting from 10am EST/7am PT follow @VWCanada on Twitter to find clues about where the frames are located in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. It’s going to be a mad hunt across these cities for sure. I have a few hours in the morning before hitting the LGFW tents to find myself couple of limited edition VW prints. I already have home for them on my wall in my living room!

Happy Heisting!



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