You Be The Judge…

Today started off so well. On time for work at 7am, beautiful day, had time to pack my lunch for the day, eat breakfast and finished work right at 12pm! All in all a fantastic day till I found this little gem on my windshield.

WTH, indeed!! $450 for something that I didn’t even do?? How is this possible that I missed the signs? Since I know this parking lot like the back of my hand, I know for a fact that the spot I parked in is NOT a disabled parking spot. I know that due to some construction in that lot there are some spots marked off for the construction crew and garbage bins but other than that, it’s business as usual.

Now, I was not planning to pay for this unjust ticket. I snapped some pictures of the parking spots and headed down to my closest city hall to challenge this ridiculous ticket. Here are some of the pictures…

What do you guys think, did I deserved this ticket? Don’t you think if anything, the city owes me an apology for ruining my beautiful day? (I know wishful thinking!) But for now, I have to wait for years till my time in parking ticket court comes around. sigh…….


ps. Do any of you have parking tickets as silly as the one I got? What’s your story?


5 thoughts on “You Be The Judge…

  1. This is BULLSHIT!!! CHALLENGE this! Just because the person that gave you the ticket is an officer, that doesn’t give him (or her) an excuse to be willfully illiterate, blind, and lazy!

    Once again, I repeat: BULLSHIT!!!


    1. I know, its super bullshit…I even today went in there and talked to the security ppl at this place and asked them why they allowed such thing. All I got was “oh that line in the middle is erased, this 2 spots both are disabled spots and we don’t have to put the 2 standing signs smack in the middle.”
      After that conversation the man I was talking to threatened to give me another parking ticket and/or tow my car off the property next time he sees my car!!!!!! WTH!!!!!
      Now, obviously I’m dealing with some smart people (sarcasm) about this situation. I have faith in the system (rolling my eyes) and enough pictures to show what was going on to make this ticket go away.


  2. Think the other way, you may not have much chance on court. They can say that you moved your car off disabled lot before you took pictures. Unless you have a strong witness, you can’t win.


    1. I know, I thought of that before I even took any pictures. One of the mall employees was walking by me when I got to my car and saw the ticket. We even had a quick chat about it before I noticed why I got the ticket. AND the head of security for the mall actually was the one who called the parking enforcement on me, when I talked to him about the following day he told me that he saw my car there and he called on me. He is so creepy, he has my license plate number memorized! How messed up is that……


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