You Be The Judge…

Today started off so well. On time for work at 7am, beautiful day, had time to pack my lunch for the day, eat breakfast and finished work right at 12pm! All in all a fantastic day till I found this little gem on my windshield.

WTH, indeed!! $450 for something that I didn’t even do?? How is this possible that I missed the signs? Since I know this parking lot like the back of my hand, I know for a fact that the spot I parked in is NOT a disabled parking spot. I know that due to some construction in that lot there are some spots marked off for the construction crew and garbage bins but other than that, it’s business as usual.

Now, I was not planning to pay for this unjust ticket. I snapped some pictures of the parking spots and headed down to my closest city hall to challenge this ridiculous ticket. Here are some of the pictures… Continue reading “You Be The Judge…”

Sushi Moto Sake and Wine Bar – Restaurant Review

After a long day of work (for me) and an evening of dragging Solmaz around to shop for my dad’s birthday, we were in dire need of dinner and a drink on Friday night. We were planning to hit our usual “being-a-patio-bum” spot, Smoky Joe’s, but instead found a new restaurant at Sheppard and Yonge.

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