Yes, I Garden In A Bag!

I was never known for having a green thumb or being able to keep anything green, green. Knowing that I lack the skills to keep any living creature besides myself alive, I still am hopeful. I try to buy plants once in a while and keep them alive. My new project is a fun one, not only I’m trying to keep something alive I’m actually growing it from scratch!!!

The motivation behind the new green project was this “Garden-in-a-bag” kit from Potting Shed Creations. Living in a condo doesn’t give me a lot of options or room to experiment with gardening, Garden-in-a-bag is the perfect solution to that problem.

Everything I need comes in this little bag that doubles as the container for my garden, soil, seeds and even coco-chips to use at the bottom of the bag for drainage. All I have to do is to follow the instructions!

In goes the tiny seeds….

Wrapping it up to start the germination process.

5 days later – there are things happening under the plastic…big water droplet!

9 days later – I SEE GREEN!!! There are about 6 or 7 little sprouts so far, off comes the plastic wrap. Can’t wait for the harvest time in a month. I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to use all my mint, it’s all very exciting!



7 thoughts on “Yes, I Garden In A Bag!

  1. This is super cool! Thanks so much for sharing. When I have some extra cash, I’m definitely going to order a few. Should make great gifts. One or two could brighten up little apartment too. 🙂


    1. Oh thank you for the comment and the link! I so agree with you, little touch of green in any space makes so much difference. This kit is so cute and super mess free. You gonna love it when you get your own kits. Good luck!! 🙂


  2. You should use the mint to make tabooli! And dry the leaves for kick-ass home-grown peppermint tea ^^ Actually there are so many things you can do with mint, and best part is, you don’t have to have a very green thumb because it grows like weeds! I used to have a small herb-garden all of my own when I grew up, I dug it out and everything on my own, had maybe 10-15 varieties of herbs in there, it was my pride and joy 🙂 Try growing cress too when you get a chance, grows fast, gets pretty and tastes awesome in salads ^^


    1. Omg, I have already made a list of things I can make with my mints…I love your idea with the peppermint tea! It’s going to be so good.
      I’m jealous of your herb garden, I’m going to expand mine a little bit at a time. Next on my list is a little tomato garden and maybe chives! Love chives!
      I’ll post more pictures as I grow more plants!
      Thanks for your great ideas and comment!


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