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Yes, I Garden In A Bag!

I was never known for having a green thumb or being able to keep anything green, green. Knowing that I lack the skills to keep any living creature besides myself alive, I still am hopeful. I try to buy plants once in a while and keep them alive. My new project is a fun one, not only I’m trying to keep something alive I’m actually growing it from scratch!!! The motivation behind the new green project was this “Garden-in-a-bag” kit from Potting Shed Creations. Living in a condo doesn’t give me a lot of options or room to experiment with gardening, Garden-in-a-bag is the perfect solution to that problem. Everything I need comes in this little bag that doubles as the container for my garden, soil, seeds and even coco-chips to use at the bottom of the bag for drainage. All I have to do is to follow the instructions!