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GOL!  Every so often the worlds of fashion and football collide to produce ‘cool’. They evoke passion from fans of the greatest game on earth.  Revered for what they bring to the pitch.  Style icons in their home countries and around the world.  David Beckham.  The Italian national football team.  And now introducing, COPA.


This outfit founded in 1998 has only one flagship store, located in Amsterdam. They mostly sell through online retailers around the world. COPA started out with a wide range of traditional heavyweight retro club team and national team shirts and jackets that can satisfy the most die-hard of football fans.  Now they’ve branched out, offering everything from functional football apparel to bags and watches.

What has grabbed this writers attention though, is COPA’s line of football inspired printed t-shirts and sweaters.  If you’re like me, you own a lot of jerseys and kits that just aren’t wearable unless you’re at the game.  COPA’s t-shirt and sweater line lets you wear your passion for the greatest game and look good too. To findout more about COPA checkout their website at



**All pictures from COPA official website.


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