Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection Launch at Tip Top Tailors

Way to make a presence at the Yorkdale mall

On Wednesday, Solmaz and I had the pleasure of attending the Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection launch event at the Yorkdale location of Tip Top Tailors.

We had a chance to take a look at the exclusive line that is only offered at 21 Tip Top locations across the country and to meet with designer Simon Carter to discuss his designs and future plans for his company. The night also included a presentation of the collection by several Toronto “men of style” which showcased the clothing.

Adam Varga-Pagliaro and Liron Lashevsky and Andrew Kraulis

William Kwong from Jaytex group and Tip Top creative director Alvisio Violo

Along the way, we met with Tip Top’s Creative Director, Alvisio Violo and Jaytex Group’s, William Kwong, who were able to fill us in regarding Tip Top Tailors’ and its direction in the future. Alvisio was extremely excited about the Tip Top’s collaboration with Simon Carter and the new demographic that the company was targeting as customers. We definitely agreed since the new collection would set Tip Top apart from its competitors with its fun but classic British style.

Simon Carter speaks at the Tip Top launch
R to L: Hunter Williamson, Divine Brown, Jean Charles Dupoire and guest

The Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection presentation included notable Toronto “men of style” such as celebrity wardrobe consultant David Clemmer, TV personality Rick Campanelli, author Russell Smith, chef Jean-Charles Dupoire, actor Andrew Kraulis and antique dealer Hunter Williamson. David was especially charming as the emcee of the presentation.

L to R: David Clemmer, Rick Campanelli, Jean Charles Dupoire, Russell Smith, Hunter Williamson, Simon Carter, Adam Varga-Pagliaro, Liron Lashevsky and Andrew Kraulis

I loved the details on the Simon Carter suiting especially the lining of the jackets that the models were keen to show off. Of course, we also loved the colors and patterns that the dress shirts were offered in; there is something about British designers and their gorgeous shirts that cannot be emulated by anyone else. Simon Carter’s shirts made me want to be a guy just so that I could wear them!

Love the detail of floral cuffs on a check pattern shirt.

When Solmaz and I met with Simon Carter and Cedric St. Louis, the manager of his Queen Street West store, to discuss their plans for the Simon Carter brand, we were happy to learn that they were planning a second store opening in Toronto next year. Simon also mentioned that he had chosen Toronto as his first international store opening three years ago since it was, “one of the three cities that he could live in,” with London and Sydney being the other two.

Simon and Cedric

I should also mention that Simon was gracious and charming and was wearing the most amazing jacket and scarf combo. He also made Solmaz and I a little homesick for London (although, neither of us is technically from there, it is kind of our home away from home.)

Faces of Tip Top, Models Adam Varga-Pagliaro and Liron Lashevsky

Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection is now available exclusively at Tip Top Tailors. We would love to thank Celia from BlessingtonLove PR for inviting us to this amazing event.


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