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Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection Launch at Tip Top Tailors

On Wednesday, Solmaz and I had the pleasure of attending the Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection launch event at the Yorkdale location of Tip Top Tailors. We had a chance to take a look at the exclusive line that is only offered at 21 Tip Top locations across the country and to meet with designer Simon Carter to discuss his designs and future plans for his company. The night also included a presentation of the collection by several Toronto “men of style” which showcased the clothing. Along the way, we met with Tip Top’s Creative Director, Alvisio Violo and Jaytex Group’s, William Kwong, who were able to fill us in regarding Tip Top Tailors’ and its direction in the future. Alvisio was extremely excited about the Tip Top’s collaboration with Simon Carter and the new demographic that the company was targeting as customers. We definitely agreed since the new collection would set Tip Top apart from its competitors with its fun but classic British style. The Simon Carter Carnaby Street Collection presentation included notable Toronto …

Meet Jill Schwartzentruber

Jill Schwartzentruber jewellery started back in 2004; after a few years of making earrings just for herself Jill realised she can have a side business while in school studying to become an interior designer. I met Jill this past weekend while going in and out of the market area in the Distillery area in Toronto. I first notice her stall because it looked absolutely