Jessica Biffi Collection For Addition Elle

Thanks to Jessica Biffi and Celia (BlessingtonLove PR), I got a chance to be one of the first few eager Biffi fans to see her new collection for Addition Elle on Tuesday at the Addition Elle store on Yonge street.

The launch of the collection couldn’t go better, all the ladies who attended the event were so excited to get to meet Jessica and try the clothes and be able to buy a piece before anyone else. While shopping and mingling we all had a chance to touch-up our makeup at The BodyShop corner and enjoy yummy finger food from L-EAT catering.

Oh So pretty!

Jessica and a group of her beautiful models were wearing few of the pieces to give us some inspiration on how to put together a fashionable look. I fell in love with the amazing designs and vibrant colors Jessica used for her pieces. There was a beautiful tunic top in green with gold chain detail that was so pretty on, but I had my heart set on something else. When I received my invitation for the event, the little black dress worn by the model on the invitation caught my eye and I was so excited to give the dress a try; unfortunately by the time I got to the dress all the small sizes were gone. Luckily Brittney (one of the models) was the same size as me and I ended up buying the one she was modeling! So thanks girl! Now I’m a proud owner of a Biffi dress!

Me trying to model my favorite dress from Jessica Biffi..teehee

During the launch I got to chat with Jessica more and ask her few more questions, so here they are and some more pictures!!!

Your favorite fabric?

It’s hard to pick just one type – I do love using all types of different fabrics.  My style is a contrast between hard and soft, tailored and free form drape.  I love fabrics that have a lot of structure and crispness to them, as well as fabrics that have a suppleness and beautiful ability to hang on the body.

I should've picked up one of those jeggings too!

Your favorite designer?

I love Alexander McQueen, and always will.  His voice will sound forever in my mind as I design.  As a young designer he changed my view of what was possible from fashion, and it moved me.  A piece of him will be with me in all my work.

Who is your fashion icon?

I don’t really have one.  No one has ever caught my attention for long enough to be an icon, to be personally.  Maybe I’m too ADHD for it.

What according to you should always be there in every woman’s wardrobe?

I think every woman needs to have a great jacket and an awesome pair of jeans.  Jeans are universal.  Dress them up, dress them down.  No matter your size, weight, style – everyone looks great and feels powerful in pair of jeans that fits them well.

Love this top! Love the color!!

If you had a choice who would you want to collaborate on a collection with?

I have a serious love for nail polish!!  I would love to team up with one of my favourite nail brands (there are many!) and create a line of signature nail colours and details.  It’s very much part of my overall style, and I incorporate it into my campaign and look book looks as well, so it would be a perfect collaboration.  Putting it out there!  Nail polish companies – Jessica Biffi is your girl!!

Thank you Jessica Biffi!!

Jessica is touring Canada to attend the events held to launch her collection for Addition Elle. If you would like to be able to chat with Jessica, join the live twitter chat on Friday September 17th from 12pm to 1pm.

Orrrrr, if you’re planning to attend the Ottawa Fashion Week this season, you be able to see her beautiful collection inspired by a love story between a ship wrecked sailor and a mermaid. I can’t wait to see it!



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