South Of Temperance

Over the weekend after Eunji and I completely exhausted ourselves by walking all over the downtown core from one TIFF happening to another we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we were having and check out the new HOT spot in town, South of Temperance.

We both read many reviews about this restaurant and we both were excited to check it out. I can say we were not disappointed in any way. The location and the massive patio at the Temperance by itself just does the job for any lounge lover, but they topped it all up with great design indoors and outdoors and reasonably priced menu. As for the crowd and who hangs out there, we read that this is the new hangout for the financial district  crowd during and after work hours. Unfortunately since we went there on a Sunday and on a weird time, the only people we saw there were 2 other customers and staff preparing for an event that was supposed to happen that evening.

After carefully reading the menu we decided to skip the appetizers and go straight to the main dishes. We ordered a Classic burger and fries ($12) and a Slow braised short rib Panini and sweet potato fries ($14), all accompanied by a refreshing and oh so pretty fresh glasses of pink sangria ($8).

The Classic burger had ground prime rib, organic greens, tomato, grilled
Bermuda onions, horseradish aioli and I added mushrooms for an extra ($1.50). I loved the burger, it was perfectly cooked and seasoned and the horseradish aioli gave it just the right kick, I just wished there was more aioli in the burger. The fries were crispy and just enough skin on it that made it taste even better.

Eunji’s slow braised short rib Panini had caramelized onions, aged cheddar cheese, horseradish aioli with sweet potato fries on the side. Even though Eunji is not a big fan of red meat, the texture of the perfectly cooked meat and the taste of the caramelized onions and the gooey cheese won her over. We both decided the sweet potato fries at South of Temperance were the best ones we ever had. They were the perfect thickness and perfectly seasoned and fried.

We definitely are planning to go back to South of Temperance to try out more of the delicious food and of course the crowd it attracts.

20 Adelaide St West,
Toronto, ON

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