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Promoting Canada with Twitter!

I just found this video on Youtube and I think it’s such a cool way to promote Canada. Canada tourism has been busy placing large murals around major American cities built with twitter feeds about Canada.It’s all about word of mouth people! Wouldn’t you be more encouraged to visit Canada after reading some of those tweets?? I absolutely love the idea and I hope people take some time and check these interactive murals and learn more about the Canadian destination. Here’s the video, watch it and tell me what you think! sa

Jessica Biffi Collection For Addition Elle

Thanks to Jessica Biffi and Celia (BlessingtonLove PR), I got a chance to be one of the first few eager Biffi fans to see her new collection for Addition Elle on Tuesday at the Addition Elle store on Yonge street. The launch of the collection couldn’t go better, all the ladies who attended the event were so excited to get to meet Jessica and try the clothes and be able to buy a piece before anyone else. While shopping and mingling we all had a chance to touch-up our makeup at The BodyShop corner and enjoy yummy finger food from L-EAT catering. Jessica and a group of her beautiful models were wearing few of the pieces to give us some inspiration on how to put together a fashionable look. I fell in love with the amazing designs and vibrant colors Jessica used for her pieces. There was a beautiful tunic top in green with gold chain detail that was so pretty on, but I had my heart set on something else. When I received my …

What were the first words…..

Have you guys ever wonder what were the first spoken words over the telephone back in the day. What where the first test msges sent, even the first tweet! Well, wonder no more. I recently read an article in Newsweek about this very topic. I found it very interesting and somewhat funny. So here it is: First Messages on Twitter, IM, Telegraph and More Ian Yarett Updated: 09/08/2009 This spring, we chuckled when Stephen Colbert asked Twitter cofounder Biz Stone if, given that the first message sent over the telegraph was “What hath God wrought?,” the first Twitter message was “What hath God twat?” Which got us to wondering: what exactly was the first message sent out on various modes of communication? Answers below: TELEGRAPH: ‘What hath God wrought?’America’s first telegraph message was transmitted by Samuel F.B. Morse from the Supreme Court room in the Capitol to his assistant, Alfred Vail, in Baltimore on May 24, 1844. TELEPHONE: ‘Mr. Watson-come here-I want to see you.’The first telephone call was made by Alexander Graham Bell, inventor …