Tuyen Cuisine – Truly A Fusion Inspired Cooking

Tuyen Cuisine has been in Yonge & Sheppard neighborhood since 2006, I’ve been there a few time but I never realised till last week that I missed out so much goodness by not going there more often.

Dim-sum Platter - Shrimp & pork dumplings, bbq pork bun, shrimp cakes and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf ($9.95)

I was enjoying my yummy dim-sum platter and wonton soup and looking around us to see if anybody had an interesting food on their table. Since I forgotten that I was in a fusion restaurant by then I totally got shocked when I saw a beautiful soufflé with green tea sauce being placed on the table beside ours.

Soufflé with dark chocolate sauce ($9)

It looked so good, smelled even better and the couple who ordered it were having so much fun poking a hole in the perfectly puffed top part of the soufflé for the sauce to be poured in. So we ordered one too!

Adding the sauce in the middle!

The soufflé came with different sauce choices like vanilla, dark chocolate, mango and Grand marnier. We knew right away we wanted chocolate, no arguments there! After waiting patiently for 10-15 mins, our soufflé arrived. It was nicely puffed and had a little dish filled with warm dark chocolate sauce. It was a great treat at the end of a great meal. The only thing that would’ve made it better was MORE chocolate sauce….

The poor soufflé right before we killed it!! haha

I would definitely go back to Tuyen and have that dessert!


Tuyen Cuisine
Tuyen Cuisine
4860 Yonge st.
North York, M2N 5N2
416 225 3888

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