Labour Day Weekend with Banana Republic

Thanks to my email subscription and @BRCanadaPR’s Denise, I got this little note of joy in my inbox today.

I can’t wait to run to my favorite BR store and see if I’m the lucky winner of the year’s salary. Sigh, the things i would do with that. hahah

I would probably pay off my car and with the rest of my winnings I will go shopcrazy! I can already think of a few things I would buy.

1. Bally weekender bag from a few posts before!
2. Buy my way in to New York Fashion Week… hahah PRgirls be on alert!!!
3. A BR Monogram black leather jacket with a fleece lining! I tried this jacket a few days ago and it’s going to fit right into my fall closet.
4.and if there’s still left overs I’ll just take a few days off from work and go off somewhere nice….I’m thinking London UK!

So thanks Banana Republic for bringing a fun contest and GOODLUCK!

Coming soon on Life by Saje my favorite fall pieces from Gap Inc., so stay tuned!



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