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Banana Republic – Let The Revolution Begin

On Thursday night the new concept store from Banana Republic opened its doors to the public at Yorkdale mall. The newly renovated store is the first one of its kind in Canada and it brings in warmth, style and all the goodness we all know and love from Banana Republic. This is how the new concept was explained at the media preview: “A wide, central boulevard in lined by shops that draw you inside. These intimate boutiques have an almost residential feel, designed like idealized walk-in closets. Each area addresses the various wardrobe needs of Banana Republic’s Toronto customer: the National Ballet on Friday evening, cocktails at The Thompson on Saturday night and Sunday brunch in the Distillery District.” I loved walking through the different spaces throughout the store and seeing clear messages, work, play and weekends. My favorite areas of the store were the circular accessories plaza and the Men’s Heritage room, I thought they looked amazing!!!

Labour Day Weekend with Banana Republic

Thanks to my email subscription and @BRCanadaPR’s Denise, I got this little note of joy in my inbox today. I can’t wait to run to my favorite BR store and see if I’m the lucky winner of the year’s salary. Sigh, the things i would do with that. hahah I would probably pay off my car and with the rest of my winnings I will go shopcrazy! I can already think of a few things I would buy. 1. Bally weekender bag from a few posts before! 2. Buy my way in to New York Fashion Week… hahah PRgirls be on alert!!! 3. A BR Monogram black leather jacket with a fleece lining! I tried this jacket a few days ago and it’s going to fit right into my fall closet. 4.and if there’s still left overs I’ll just take a few days off from work and go off somewhere nice….I’m thinking London UK! So thanks Banana Republic for bringing a fun contest and GOODLUCK! Coming soon on Life by Saje my favorite fall pieces …