The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

This Long weekend I went to try one of St Claire west`s hidden gems, The Stockyards Smokehouse & larder. The small space provides a nice casual intimate dining experience.I really enjoyed being able to see how the chef was making my food and interacting with the other 2 people who were working with him. It was actually nice to see a fully functioning restaurant being run by 3 people during lunch time rush hour.

The menu is some what short but every single item on it is finger licking good, from the burgers to sandwiches and BBQ ribs. Another yummy thing on the menu is their coleslaw with a nice rich tasting although light peppery sauce. Another thing about this local eatery is how its budget friendly and at the same time it taste so rich and expensive, if that makes any sense. Some of my local friends are very excited about the news about their brunch time hours and menu and I can`t wait to go back to try their brunch food and their ribs!!

Here are some tips about eating at the Stockyards:

– Get there early, there are no reservations, specially if there`s only about 10 bar stools inside and 2 benches outside on the street.

– Make sure you try the coleslaw, ribs and the fried chicken.

– Try their homemade lemon and ginger ice tea, we ended up buying an entire pitcher.

– If you`re not bothered about smelling like food, I recommend sitting by the grill. You can see how the chef makes you delicious food and you get a little more eating space.

699 St Claire Ave West
Toronto, ON M6C 1B2
(416) 658-9666

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