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I Found My Brunch At #OOAKX11

Last week I took a day to visit the Christmas edition of One of a Kind Show and I went a bit food crazy! This morning I decided to have my favorite thing for brunch/breakfast, Smoked salmon, cream cheese and rye bread topped with diced garlic scapes…..YUM! I never had even heard of scapes till few days ago when I stopped by The Garlic Box‘s booth at the OOAK show. This is a perfect mixture of garlic & scapes, making it great for pretty much anything; burgers, dressings and anything else you would use capers for. Add some delicious smoked salmon from Canadian select, cream cheese on top of a rye bread and taa daaa…. Who wouldn’t wanna eat a beautiful and tasty smoked salmon sandwich.   Solmaz

Lazy Sunday…

I love Sundays. Sunday is the only day in the week that I get to sleep in, stay in my PJs all day and have VIP access to my couch. It’s GREAT!! Sunday is the day I take some time to catch up on what’s going on in the news, answer a few emails and watch LOTS of tv and yes, cook some delicious food for myself. Homemade food is amazing… So here is a roundup of my Sunday… Woke up just in time to say “I woke up this morning!” – 11.49am. Made myself some French toast for breakfast, been craving it since last week.

Hidden Gems – Miami Edition

While down in Miami for some needed vacation, some of the locals recommended their favorite spots to eat. My cousin and I decided to checkout some of these local diners and restaurant for some great food. Here are two of our favorite places. Big Pink and 11th st Diner. Big Pink: 157 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Florida   Located on the corner of Collins Ave and 2nd st. Big Pink is a great hangout for the Miami Beach locals. The interior of the restaurant is a great mix of oldschool diner and a new sports bar. I loved the food, the super friendly staff and the entire dinner experience I had while I was there. The menu is super long and super BIG, but there’s something for everyone and for every budget which I think is the reason behind why it’s such a hit with people of all ages and backgrounds. For our starter we ordered a MASSIVE plate of nachos (I can’t remember the price, sorry!) filled with hot peppers, tortilla chips, beans and …