I love food almost as much as I love clothes. Trust me, food will be an oft-mentioned subject on our blog. (Solmaz started us off with a sushi entry…yum…)

Twice a year, Toronto is host to “Summerlicious” and “Winterlicious” when some of the city’s best restaurants will offer prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner.

I usually make a point of going out to eat during these events as it is a fun way to try new restaurants without breaking the bank. If I like the restaurant enough, I will go back – as easy as that.

This year I want to try a few restaurants since I love food and it would make great fun subjects for our blog. (Not so subtle hint there, Solmaz… I don’t care about your hibernation… I want food damn it… )

Any suggestions for restaurants? I have been to many of the places on the list already but I think they’ve added several new places this year. Hopefully, the restaurants are not too fully booked yet. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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