Save yourselves, lady bugs are coming!!!!

Lady bug on window
Lady bug on window

So….today was super warm in Toronto (16 degrees). We all know, when its warm lady bugs come out to play….

eeeiiiiishhhh…. I really hate lady bugs, they were crawling all over my windows and outside walls. I had to run aroudn make sure all the windows are tightly closed and doors are closed…ugh….they might be cute but they are scared of NOTHING..and when you step on them they make the crunchiest noise everrr……ewww…

My mom says they are good for the envirnoment and eat all the bad bugs, but I think they’re just there to be in cute kids stories as a single woman type who knits alot! lol…

Too bad I didn’t have my good camera around to take a better picture so you guys are stuck with the crappy picture for now! 🙂


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