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Week 1 – 30 Day No Shopping Challenge

 As you all know I have started a 30 day no shopping challenge to practice the art of simple living, self-control and putting needs over wants. I have to admit, it has been an interesting week so far, keeping away from malls and having mental reaffirmation on why I don’t need to buy the attractive piece of whatever it was in my hand. Lucky for me my some of my co-workers have read my post about this challenge and are happy to keep me in check. So the one tip from my first week would be to let your friends/family/co-workers or whoever else is around you know about what you are up to. Having a support group helps you to build a confidence you need to power through the challenge and to inspire them to start a challenge on their own. Cheers to a successful first week and to a great support group! Solmaz

30 Day No Shopping Challenge

  I’m tired of looking in my closet and frantically going through piles and piles clothes and running between my closets and still end up with nothing. You know the feeling. All I can think of is, all this time and money I spend shopping for clothes and I never seem to be able to find anything to wear when I need to pull an outfit for an event or just a normal day out.  Being in my line of work I have access to all sorts of clothes and I always find deals and come home with bags of clothes. Unfortunately when I think about it, at the end of the day, I’m just stuffing my closet and creating more of a headache for myself. This problem came more visible for me after I had to pack all my clothes while moving homes. It was horrible, clothes EVERYWHERE!!!!  Since I’m planning to move again very soon, I decided to challenge myself with “30 Day Of No Shopping!”. It’s going to be hard, temptations at every corner and …

Fun Finds at One of a Kind Show

  Now that I’m all inspired for the gift giving season ahead, I’m off to shop at the One of a Kind Christmas 2012 Show . This year my shopping buddy and I decide to try something new, visit our favorite booths first and pickup our must haves and then spend a fun, relax afternoon to just wander around the show and discover new artists and items. Over the years we both have learned that if you don’t buy it when you see it, you wont find it again! I have been a victim of “we sold out!” way too often at the OOAK…So here we go….