Well Hello Mr. Porter!

On Friday the 18th of February, the highly anticipated online luxury men’s only fashion retailer Mr Porter opened for business for a few lucky “Founding Members”. Having the entire long weekend to go through the website and drool over some of the pieces, I thought it would be great idea to share some of my favorite parts about Mr Porter.

Style Icon Paul Newman 1957


Besides having the usual easy to find categories to sort through hundreds and hundreds of items from luxury brands, Mr Porter provides a few extra categories to guide any guy while they are shopping on their website. The Journal is filled with interesting style and fashion related articles as well as few tips on something as random as a how to on shucking oysters; but my favorite part of the website is the last two categories, Style Directory and Wardrobe Manager. Style Directory takes away the guess-work out of shopping, providing style guidance from A to Z. From finding style inspiration from well-known style icons to learning about how to wear a suit or take care of a watch. Thinking about impressing that special person in your life next time you’re in Melbourne? Checkout the Style Council page and address book and find a hotel recommendation  by Hugh Jackman. The Stylepedia gives you everything you need to know about the fashion lingo, from the difference between herringbone and houndstooth to finding out who or what is Balenciga.

To top off all the services and guides on Mr Porter, the Wardrobe Manager allows the shopper to find “what they need, like and have already”, use the recommendations area to find what your friends think you should have/wear. Imagine being able to go through a shopping website and picking out all the outfits and pieces you want your man to wear and just clicking on the recommend button. They’ll receive an email with all your recommendations on their Mr Porter account, ready to be checked out.

After learning more about Mr Porter I can’t wait to see how much of a rush and buzz they’re going to create tomorrow on their official opening. All I know is that thousands of fashion savvy online consumers are patiently waiting for the clock to hit midnight so they can start their shopping. Being one of the only few websites catered to men only, I for one wonder if it’s going to be as big a hit as its big sister Net-a-Porter. What do you all think about that?


*All Pictures from Mr Porter website.

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