Trip to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world and the second smallest country in Europe. Being a small country has it perks, you can travel from the capital to any corner of the country within an hour. You can reach the capital easily from many of the European capitals on Train or by car and air. Many parts of the Luxembourg City are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walking through the beautiful capital, Luxembourg City, you can encounter a number of European languages including German, French, English, Portuguese and Italian in addition to the Luxembourgish, which is the national language.

I know Solmaz had visited Luxembourg years ago on a day trip and shared some info about this area but I had a chance to discover it a little bit more and share it with you guys.There are many hotels in Luxembourg City and depending on your budget and the reason for your trip you will be spoiled for choses.

Here are a few of my favourites, and remember not all hotels in this part of the world is equipped with air conditioning so be sure to check the facilities before you book your room:

Le Place d’Arms : An 18th century magnificent building, equipped with beautifully furnished room, amazing restaurants and a beautiful terrace. The hotel is located conveniently in the city center with easy access to land marks and the tourist activities.

Maho Rive Droite : Located on the banks of Clausen neighborhood just a few minutes from the city center. Each room is decorated based on a specific theme with focus on elegance and luxury. The hotel has a beautiful terrace and amazing food.

Hotel Le Chatelet : Located a short walk away to the south of the city center, this little gem boasts, comfy rooms, a beautiful bar and restaurant with amazing food. The rooms are comfortable with complementary breakfast. The staff is very helpful and happy to accommodate special dietary requests in a short notice.

Luxembourg Hotel Le Chatelet

The hotel is also very close to beautiful walking trail along the Peitruss River valley

Peitruss river valley

Luxembourg city skyliner

To get yourself oriented with the city head to City Skyliner on Boulevard Franklin Delano Roosevelt . The skyliner is a mobile rotating observation tower and 360 degree views of Luxembourg City. I suggest that you visit just before the sunset to enjoy amazing views of this magnificent city.

ph. City Skyliner

You can also use the opportunity to hop on one of the city tours at the same location (Place de la Constitution). You can find out more about the route from their website.

As the city is very small you can visit many of the places on foot and at your own pace. I suggest that you make a point of visiting the following if you are only in Luxembourg City for a very short period of time:

  • The old city center: explore the streets and enjoy the architecture and beautiful buildings, try the many restaurants and local food.
  • Check out the Palais Grand – Ducal, the residence of Grand Duke of Luxembourg.



  • Cathedrale Notre-Dame: The gothic cathedral is just a short walk from the Place de la Constitution.
  • Museums: The Natural History and the National Art & History museums are very close to the city center and worth a visit.
  • Grund neighborhood: charming riverside neighborhood with beautiful houses and nice riverside bars, you can access the area easily using the lift at the Plateau du Saint- Esprit. Have a drink at Scott’s Pub’s river side terrace.

Luxembourg by the river

Luxembourg by the river pano

  • Clausen river side: Follow the river from Grund and you will find yourself ay Rives de Cluasen area with amazing number of bars and restaurants  such as Ikki and Zulu. You can also access this area using the Scenic lift at 2 Rue du Pont, enjoying the amazing views of the neighborhood from the above.

Luxembourg from above

  • Kirchberg neighborhood: Is located to the north-east of the city center, the area is home to the skyscrapers, office buildings as well as the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, European Parliament building and the University of Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg it is very easy to find amazing bars and restaurants, specially if you need refueling after all the sightseeing. Here are some of my favorites:

  • La Cantine: Located at the Le Chatelet Hotel, 2 Boulevard de La Petrusse, 2320 Luxembourg. The menu is limited but the quality of food and the service is amazing. You will be happy to eat here, try to risotto and the beef tartar.
  • Athena (Greek restaurant): Located at 56 Rue Adolphe Fischer, 1520 Luxembourg. They have an amazing list of authentic Greek food, the portions are generous, comes with lost of meat and their house salad. Very friendly staff.
  • Paname bar resto:  Located at 15 Rue André Duchscher, 1424 Luxembourg, great bar, with outside seating, open late with a great range of drinks.
  • Scott’s Pub’s:  Located at 4 Bisserweg, 1238 Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg. The riverside terrace is a great place to have a drink or grab a quick bite.

Enjoy your visit and be sure to check out the next post about some of the short trips you can make to some of the most beautiful cities in the area.


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