Trip to Metz

City of Metz is located in northeast of France and just over an hour away from Luxembourg City.

Metz has a rich history going back to about 3,000 years. It has amazing and rich architecture and scenic parks and it is well worth a visit.

To be close to the attractions, I suggest that you stay in the city center. I recommend Mercure Metz Centre Hotel. The hotel is located only 5 minutes walk away from the city center. If you are travelling to Metz in summer you can enjoy the air conditioning facility, which is rare in this part of country.

The room was a good size by European standards with great views and comfortable bed. During our stay, we were spoiled with a little gift box from Birch Box containing some great goodies!


Before starting on your adventure around the city, head out to Place Saint Louis where you will find many great restaurants with outside seating and amazing food. Be sure to try L’établi de papy Louis. The food is very tasty, in particular I recommend that you try the fish and chips, the duck parmentier and of course the regional food Quiche Lorraine.

L'etabli de papy Louis

L'etabli de papy Louis
ph. L’etabli de papy Louis

If you rather go for some good steak, visit L’Assiette au Boeuf. You can enjoy the amazing variety of steaks while enjoying the views on the river terrace.

L'Assiette au boeuf metz
ph. Assiette au boeuf

While walking around the city you will notice a distinct yellow/mustard color of some of the older buildings. This is due to the fact that they are made of Jaumont limestone found in the Moselle area.

Here are some ideas for exploring the city if you are short on time:

  • Metz Cathedral: beautiful gothic cathedral built with the iconic Jaumont limestone in the 13th century.Metz Cathedral
  • Marche Couvert: A farmers market of sort where you can buy fresh products. You can also enjoy the outside restaurants where you can enjoy a bit of music, great food and drinks and an exhibition or two.
  • Temple Neuf: is one of the great landmarks of Metz. This protestant church is constructed with grey sandstone during the German control of the area on the Petit Saulcy Island. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Metz and worth a visit.Petit Saulcy IslandTemple Neuf Petit Saulcy

Be sure to walk by the little oasis, Place de la Comedie, and take in the beautiful water feature and the greenery.Metz FranceMetz river

  • Parks around the city such as Esplanade Garden, Jardin Boufflers: The city is blessed with beautiful gardens, bridges and old buildings so make sure you explore the city and enjoy the scenery.20180804_200305Esplanade Garden, Jardin Boufflers Metz IMG-20180804-WA0007
  • Centre Pompidou –Metz: The center hosts a variety of art exhibitions and is the younger sister of the Pompidou Centre in Paris.


Enjoy your visit !   


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