A Trip To Paris…Where To Go & Eat

On my last post I shared a couple of my favourite places to stay at while I visit Paris. Now that we are settled, I was to share some tips of where to go and local markets and eateries to visit while in Paris.

Head out for some exploring to Montmartre, and take in the amazing views from the steps of Sacre-Coeur Basilica or the roof top Galeries Lafayette terrace.

Paris ViewWalking around the city, aside from the famous monuments, I suggest that you check the neighbourhood markets and boutique shops.

Paris neighbourhoodI love the area close to the Place Vendome. Aside from the amazing architecture, you may find an interesting exhibit or market.

Paris Place Vendome exhibitParis Place Vendome exhibit

If you enjoy a good pastry and chocolate, check out the chocolate and pastry shops around Rue Du Bac. You will find high quality, artisan chocolates and pastry to die for. Here is a list of a few shops that I highly recommend. I am not ashamed to admit that the products from these shops have been all personally tested and approved by me. šŸ˜‰

  • Chocolate Chapon: Great for finding souvenirs. 69 Rue du Bac.
  • Jacques Genin: The chocolate squares are so delicate and beautiful that you can’t bring yourself to eating them. You will find the best salted caramel chocolate in Paris in this shop. 27 Rue de Varenne
  • Des Gateaux et du Pain: Delicate and equally tasty pastry. If you are on a diet, just stay outside. 89 Rue du Bac.Ā 
  • La Patisserie des Reves: another pastry shop where you can find sweet treats. 93 Rue du Bac.Ā 
  • Angelina: One of the famous chocolate and pastry shops. I not only adore their pastry but also love to collect their cute little metal boxes for the caramel and chocolate.Ā  Don’t forget to checkout their tea room and their brunch menu. 108 Rue de Bac.
  • Hugo & Victor: the chocolate and mini dessert shop. Highly recommend their chocolate. 40 Boulevard Raspail.

I know most of these places are for sweet treats and some have meal options but if you are looking for a fabulous meal for a special occasion, tryĀ Lā€™Atelier de Joel Robuchon (5 Rue Monalembert.)

Lā€™Atelier de Joel RobuchonThe food and wine are amazing and you can enjoy watching your meal being prepared by the Chef in the open kitchen.Ā There is a fixed menu option with seven courses or you can choose from the a la carte menu.

Lā€™Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Lā€™Atelier de Joel RobuchonIf you like to taste all the goodies on the fixed menu but donā€™t have room after all that chocolate, you can get one fixed menu to share with an extra main course and it be more than enough to try a bit of everything.

Lā€™Atelier de Joel RobuchonThe staff is very knowledgeable and super helpful so ask them if you are after anything specific.

Lā€™Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Now you understand why I am in love with Paris šŸ˜‰

Tell me about why you love Paris and what are your favourite places to visit and eat. This girl can’t get enough of this city.






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