A Trip To Paris…Where To Stay

I have visited Paris many times, as a child, teenager and adult. I never understood what all the fuss was about; it never did it for me personally. One day, a brave man took this as a challenge and 4 years later I am in love with the city of love.

What made me love Paris are the views, the architecture and the food. In this post I will share a couple of my suggestions for where to stay in Paris and I will do a follow-up on places to checkout and EAT.

Paris is a well-connected city with great public transport access but picking your hotel in a good location is key.

Hotel Castille Paris

If you want to be close to the key Paris attractions, Hotel Castille Paris is a great choice. With close proximity to the Tuileries, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre, it provides you with the Parisian luxury and amazing architecture. The rooms are well decorated and the bed is super comfortable.

Hotel Castille Paris Room

Hotel Castille Paris Lobby

The hotel has a great restaurant onsite and a well stock bar where you can have a quick drink before dinner.

Hotel Castille Paris Bar

If you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice on the views and quality, I suggest checking out CitizenM Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel.

Citizen M Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel Roof bar

The hotel is fairly new and has a very modern minimalistic feel in the rooms. The room is a great example of the optimization of the use of space and trust me you would not feel cramped at all. (Read about Solmaz’s stay at CitizenM Amsterdam Schiphol to learn more about this hotel chain.)

Citizen M Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel roof bar

There is a fantastic bar on the 16th floor with signature drinks and amazing views of the city.


CitizenM also has a great lobby bar to enjoy the living room experience.

Citizen M Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel LobbyCitizen M Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel LobbyCitizen M Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel LobbyCitizen M Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel Lobby

While you are enjoying the little quirky decoration at the lobby bar take a moment and read my next post on tips from locals and my favourite places to visit and eat in Paris. You wont regret it!




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