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Do You Plaid Up?

Looking through late at night and saw an article about pairing plaid shirts (LOVE them!) and dark tie (it’s a must) with your suits to make  them pop and a more fresh look to them. The model for these pictures is Jason Sudeikis of SNL, he looks super cute in his get up for the photo shoot; I wonder who was the stylist for this shoot. Wearing plaids with suits is a great way of having some fun with your wardrobe and getting a bit more mileage out of all those plaid shirts we all (men & women) buy during the year. Think about it like “suiting up” with a plaid top, so Plaid Up! *Tip: Switch the suit pant with a pair of dark denim and get a great outfit for a night out or for a casual day at the office. sa  

Toronto Patio Spots – Adelaide St. Pub & Raq-N-Waq

I’m sure all of you are happy that patio season is upon us – yay! It’s been an unchracteristically warm Spring/Summer already  in Toronto and I am enjoying every bit of the gorgeous weather. Solmaz and I have been taking advantage of the hot weather and we’ve discovered some new bars with great patios (with the help of our lovely friend Vince… I hope he doesn’t mind that his name is being mentioned in our blog…lol) We totally recommend these spots if you are looking for a new hangout. Adelaide St. Pub The Adelaide St Pub is hardly your run-of-the-mill pub. A small, cozy place on the corner of Adelaide and Peter Street, I would describe it as a trendy bar/lounge/gastro-pub. From the outside, ASP catched your eyes with its bold red decor. On the first floor there are a few tables and a bar with a massive “draft beer organ” which is very cool-looking. Once you head upstairs, there is a great patio with booths and a bar area. The patio is suprisingly modern and chic – especially when you consider that it is …