CitizenM Amsterdam Schiphol

“to create a luxury contemporary hotel for the cost conscious traveler affordable luxury for the people

That is CitizenM hotel’s mission statement to their guests. Free wi-fi, free movies on demand, great use of space, XL king size beds and many many other amenities are all here. I stayed at the CitizenM Schiphol during my trip to Amsterdam and I thought they delivered all that they said they would. Check in/out of this hotel is as quick as self check-in for your flight, and if there’s a problem, there’s a friendly face right there to help you and answer your questions.

The lobby of the CitizenM hotels are designed to remind the guests of a living/dining area, and just tucked to the back a study area filled with iMac computers for those workaholics who just can’t unplug. In the middle is the canteen, food, snacks, drinks and everything else for those early morning/mid-day and late night cravings. During our stay I noticed how everyone would end up at the lobby making friends while eating at the dining areas or grabbing a drink at the bar, such a great space to for single travelers.

The rooms are more than enough for 1 person and good enough for 2 for short stays. The rooms are fuss free, comfortable and tech friendly. The bed is to die for, I never ran out of space or reached the edge of the bed while tossing and turning at night. The entire environment is monitored and controlled pretty much at your finger tips through a fancy remote. Lights, temperature, entertainment and windows are all connected to this handy little device.

The great thing about the remote is that it does come in with some pre-set choices like “party” or the “romantic” mode that dims the lights and plays romantic music in the background but then again, when I see that color wheel on the screen I wanna make my own color choices. OR you can choose to look outside your sound proof windows into the frigging RUNWAY! How cool is it to be able to watch massive planes move about and lift off of the runway while you are taking a shower in a completely see through shower. I think I flashed them all. Sorry mom! hahahah

Another great thing about the ability to personalize your own room settings is that every time you check out from CitizenM hotels, your settings gets saved in to their system and the next time you stay at any of their locations your room would be set to your liking. How awesome is that, no messing about with the thermostat or the lights!

CitizenM is planning to open even more hotels in the very near future with branches in London (soon to open), Paris and New York. If you loved what you read about them so far check out CitizenM’s Facebook page to enter their contest to be able to win a trip to London and a 2 nights stay at CitizenM Bankside and an invitation to the hotel’s opening party! I would love to win a prize like this, my favorite city and one of my favorite hotels coming together to have a party….Wahhooooo!!!!


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