Missing London


I love London! As a kid I was lucky enough to visit London every Summer with my family and since then I have formed this sense of belonging whenever I go back for a visit. I alway seem to be the one who tells people “No, it doesn’t always rain there!” or “It’s not boring there!“. I actually think depending on which part of London you happen to spend time in, anyone with any interest can find something to do. From 5 stars to budget travel, young to old, art loving history buffs to a foodies; there’s something for everyone.

I have certain rituals I usually follow when I visit London. I love going to Piccadilly Circus to feel the hustle and bustle and wonder off to Regent Street for some shopping. I end my day on Carnaby with a visit to Liberty London and a pint of beer at one of the many pubs in the area.

Another one of my MUST do things while in London is spending a good part of the day at the British Museum. I love the feeling I get when I walk into the great hall at the museum, so open and bright…

British Museum

It’s a beautiful building, field with lots of galleries and lots of things to checkout. Right out side the museum, there’s a hotdog vendor serving up the most delicious hotdogs with sautéed onions….GOD! So, good…. hop across the street for a cup of Starbucks coffee and I start walking off my hotdog through side streets with lots of little cute houses filled with English charm. It’s amazing what you see when you walk everywhere.

Trafalgar Square

One interesting thing I’ve noticed from all the times I’ve visited London is that I have NEVER been to the South Banks except once to go to the Tate museum and a few times to visit Greenwich. Next time in London, I’m going to make it my mission to hit the South Banks and checkout the Sunday market and wonder around to find new hidden gems. Speaking of Greenwich, I recommend taking a boat cruise of Thames down to Greenwich. It’s lovely on the river and Greenwich has the best view of London, plus the opportunity to be in two different time zones is just way too tempting to pass.

Greenwich Village

I hope I have inspired you guys to visit London. You be surprised by what you experience there.


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