White Homes


I have always loved all things white when it came to decorating and home design. Watching home design TV shows, and looking through magazines and books I always gravitated towards the light, bright and airy feel of white spaces. Playing with textures and layers of white to create a homey and warm living space, pops of colour here and there and you end up with a beautiful result. One of my favourite tools to use for finding and sorting my inspirations is Pinterest. Lucky for me I’ll be moving homes in a few months and all those pins in my home board is going to come handy. Here are some of my favourite pins that I would love to add in our new home.

eiken-lamelparket-rotterdam-herringbone floors

I love the herringbone pattern of these floors, total visual interest.

White house

Mixing modern lines and rustic pieces…


White brick wall

I realize that wanting a white washed brick wall is so mid 2000s but I can’t help myself when I look at this last picture. It’s so simple, neat and inviting.

Now that you all know about my everything white obsession, I look forwards to hearing about your decorating obsessions. what do you love to see in your home?




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