Elle M’a Dit….FoodbySaje

Have you guys ever heard of Alsace. I never knew what/where and who it was till I had lunch at the cutest little restaurant on Baldwin village. Elle M’a Dit is Toronto’s first Alsatian restaurant and is a brain child of chef Gregory Furstoss and his wife Tory Yang.

Going through the lunch menu there are lots of hints to the Franco-German influence, everything sounded so delicious. The restaurant itself was so adorable, simple yet so welcoming. I loved how the inside of Elle M’a Dit complemented it’s location on Baldwin street, a very European feel.

First thing was my delicious burger, it was yummy, juicy and perfect portion. The only thing I wish it had was a sturdier bread. By the time I got half way through the burger the bread has turned into a mushy thing.

Beef burger mixed with shredded pork baby back rib, bacon and cheese on grilled "Thuet" bread with fries

Other dish we tried was a oh so German sounding Schnitzel sandwich. The mixture of the fried chicken and the sauerkraut was just perfect in a sandwich.

Schnitzel, sauerkraut, horseradish mayo on top of Grilled "Thuet" Bread, serve with fries


The food was amazing and I enjoyed my first experience tasting Alsatian cuisine. I have to go back and try some of their dishes from the dinner menu, eager to learn more about the food from the Alsace region.



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