I Want A Watch, A Mutewatch!

The other day I discovered the Mutewatch and it took me awhile to realize it’s not one of those things you see on Yanko design‘s website. It’s the real deal and not a student project, I can actually buy this watch!

Made in Sweden, Mutewatch does a fine job of combining design, touch screen technology and wear-ability. The colorful watch looks like a wristband till it’s flicked or touched, that’s when it comes alive. You’re able to flip through the different functions of the watch (Clock, alarm and timer) the same way you shuffle through your iPhone.

One of the great things that Mutewatch offers is how there’s no need for you and I to replace the batteries in it, after couple of weeks of wearing it just plug it in to your computer’s USB port and it will recharge itself while you do your work on the computer. How great is that??

Now, the reason behind the name of this watch is its alarm function. Mutewatch will remind you of all your important times by vibrating! No annoying and embarrassing noises during that oh so important presentation. How cool is that???

Unfortunately Mutewatch is not sold anywhere in Canada, or at least not yet. I can’t wait till someone brings this watch to our side of the world, because mama needs Mutewatch!




2 thoughts on “I Want A Watch, A Mutewatch!

  1. Hi, we’re happy to announce that you can now find Mutewatch at Swipe Design: books + objects, at 401 Richmond St. West. Feel free to drop by and try one on!


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