Evoque – Bringing Sexy Back On The Roads


On Monday I was invited by Land Rover of Toronto to check out Range Rover Evoque, their new compact SUV, at the Grand Touring Automobiles location. My first impression was “OMG, this car looks angry!” and I loved it. I always thought if I’m going to drive a small SUV I want it to be intimidating and sexy at the same time. Let’s just say the coupe version of Evoque in Fuji White is exactly what I had pictured.

I WANT ONE!!! Vrooooooooooooom....
Evoque is a beauty inside and out!

Evoque is a mixture of the old Range Rovers with their familiar front grills mixed with the new design of sharp lines on the sides. The muscular shoulders give Range Rover Evoque a natural presence and magnetism making it a sigh worthy car. This car screams DRIVE ME!!! I can totally picture myself driving this beauty all over the city from running errands to going to the coolest parties in town. This could just be THE car to be seen in during TIFF2011!!! Sigh….

Beside all the shiny new cars, there were happy party goers all over the event. See who I spotted playing around in the 5-door Evoque!

Shawn Hewson of Bustle Clothing and guest testing out the horn on Evoque!

The launch party itself was a great success with a mix of car enthusiasts and fans of the British car maker talking about the new baby Range Rover over some amazing food from Toronto’s well-known eateries. Rodney’s Oyster House, Poutini’s, Amaya, Hiro Sushi and Chippy’s were all on site to keep the party going with delicious treats.

Some of Toronto's Best!

Another one of the sponsors for the event was Absolut ELYX. All I have to say is Smoooooth…

Absolut ELYX on the rock: infused with sweet Ontario Strawberries

After seeing the Range Rover Evoque in person, I must say this car is one exciting SUV. It promises everything city dwellers need in a car, it’s smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient. Check out this video I found about the design process behind Evoque.


Thanks again to Land Rover Toronto and Grand Touring Automobiles for inviting me, I had an amazing time at the event and I can’t wait to test drive the Evoque.



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