Stella Artois… You Did It Again!

Last night we celebrated Toronto with Stella Artois and 1LoveTO guys at their amazing block party on King st. west. The music was pumping,lights were flickering over our heads and of course there was Stella. Cool, cool Stella!

The location of the block party was amazing, you would get the best view of CN Tower, beautiful full moon and of course the massive makeshift screen of all things Stella Artois!

and you can’t missed the Beer Pump/DJ booth!

There were swag stations all around the party too! Photo Booths, button making and 1LoveTO tshirts….goodies!!!

Did I mention there was poutine and ice cream there too???

Love the red bikes!!!

All in all, it was another successful event by Stella Artois and fun was had by all. I can’t wait to see more of these block parties all over the city. Here’s my suggestion for the next location! We can’t let downtown Toronto to have all the fun….




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