Tie Me A Bow Tie!

James Bond wore them so did Winston Churchill, and now the young super stars in the entertainment business. I’m so happy that bow ties are back in style and I love seeing men or women wearing them in all sorts of interesting ways. If you are interested in knowing more about how to pull of the bow tie look keep reading and hopefully you be inspired to give it a try!

1. Look for interesting fabrics: not all bow ties are made out of shiny silk fabrics. Go for more interesting fabrics and patterns, wool, flannel and even seersucker!

David Hart & Co.

2. Formalwear: Black tie is a black tie. Go for a simple sleek bow tie with interesting fabric. Try nubby wool for a modern look.

3. Know your bow ties:

  1. Pre-tied: it’s perfectly fine as long as it’s not the one you wore to your prom.

    Rag & Bone
  2. Clip-on: nerdy, possibly. Cool? YES!

    Naked & Famous Denim
  3. Self-tied: every guy should know how to tie at least one of these bad boys. (click here for how to chart!)
    Batwing - Band of Outsiders
    Hourglass - Billy Reid

    Pointed - David hart & Co

4. Wear it your way: if you think wearing a bow tie is way too stuffy for your taste, try switching your suit jacket for a leather jacket for a modern look. Feel like your outfit is too LOUD, sticking with the same color theme between your clothes and your bow tie. Final tip, don’t worry about making your bow tie look perfect. Sometimes perfection is boring.


Happy Bow tie Time!



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