I Wonder If I Can make This….

This is the video for “Life Buoy” by The Pixels. The video is made out of a mixture of stop motion animation techniques by  Dragos Bardac.

It’s such a cool video, love the colors and the storyline. I’m so inspired by Dragos’s work that I might attempt to make a REALLY short video using still pictures. It be awesome. Maybe it can be about shoes, or something fun like that.



A modern-day knight slips into an imaginary where he is not welcome. He undergoes daring challenges to stay in the world where he is alone. This journey is a tribute to the tales of 1001 nights and to classic Romanian fairytales, but it all happens in a modern world, where the bicycle replaces the horse, a cardboard dog replaces the dragon, and some chairs stand in for the mountain, the place where the truth lies. Whether he finds the truth or not will determine the fate of the young knight: he will either go back to the real world, or he will live this imaginary experience as if it was a dream. Everything can happen all over again.




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