Sending Toshiba Some Love

Yes, my monitor is really dirty, just noticed that...

All my friends know that I’m a big PC fan and my favorite PC brand is Toshiba. I’ve been using my Qosimo for the last 6 years (a hand me down from my dad) and couple years ago I picked up a Toshiba NB200 for when I’m on the go.

Sadly my Qosimo is slowly dying of old age and every day I see it getting slow and I see colorful thin lines going through the screen. So I did some research to find a new love with a BIG screen (18.5″ wide), perfect for doing work on the blog; and the winner is a Satellite P500 ($1500).

While I was browsing through the Toshiba website I saw this new beauty too. The Toshiba FOLIO 100, Toshiba’s personal media tablet. Here’s a video about it. It’s pretty cool., love to tested out!

So if anyone from Toshiba happens to read this, please send some love back at me by replacing my old and tired Qosimo with a Satellite P500 OR a FOLIO 100 with a TV kit. I can hook it up to my big screen Toshiba TV and have an awesome “Toshiba Experience”. I would love you guys even more and give you a permanent spot on my blog! Thank you!



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