Boom Breakfast & Co. – Review

This past weekend I checked out Boom Breakfast & Co‘s Eglinton West location to tryout their brunch menu. Recommended by a friend, we thought it would be fun to checkout a new brunch place on a girl’s day out. After waiting for about an hour (normal on weekends)and totally being annoyed by the host (NOT normal) we finally got seated. But I don’t want to judge the entire chain by the doings of one unprofessional host at one location so I keep my negative comments till later…Food first!

To start the day with a clear mind in the morning, I recommend a round of Good Morning Smoothies ($4.89) – blueberries, mango, banana, orange juice and honey. This thing was AMAZING! I think from all the smoothies I ever had, this one wins the cake hands down!

Good Morning Smoothie

I ordered the Boom Power Breakfast ($7.29) – two eggs any style, choice of ham or strip bacon or Canadian sausage, and served with toast, roasted tomato and Boom frites (to die for!). I went with the sausage and my girl friend ordered the ham for the same price.The breakfast was pretty simple to begin with, but I really liked the fries and the Canadian sausage. I usually try to stay away from breakfast sausages but this one was really yummy, so I was happy.

Boom Power Breakfast with Canadian sausage
Boom Power Breakfast with Ham

Both my friend and I felt like having French toast with our brunch and after realizing we can’t sub any of the options from pancake to French toast, we both ordered a side of French toast ($3.49). I asked the waitress how many pieces comes with the side ordered and she said, “2 pieces”. After we saw our 2 pieces of French toast on the plates we realized it was a BIG ripoff, since we could’ve ordered a Classic French Toast ($7.49) and we probably gotten more pieces for about the same price.

Boom Classic French Toast (side order)

Eunji decided to go on with her love her omelettes and ordered the Acapulco Gold Omelette ($8.99) – chorizo, bell peppers and green onions, and served with toast, fruit garnish and Boom frites. By the end of the brunch her plate was empty, I’m guessing she enjoyed her breakfast.

Boom Acapulco Gold Omelette

Talking food only, I recommend Boom, but on a weekday. All unspoken negative moments we had with the host aside, I will go back to Boom very soon to give them a try on a weekday and see if the service is different.

To find out about Boom’s different locations, checkout their website at



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